Saying Yes

While living in Max, our home on wheels for 8 or 9 weeks, Life presented a number opportunities for me to get outside my comfort zone and do something that was a bit risky and required faith in the outcome, generally in the pursuit of fun.

These opportunities are probably the reason a number of people have labeled me “adventurous.” If only those people knew how much I fretted before doing any of the things they see as brave because I can assure you that I don’t categorize myself this way. I’m not scaling mountains sans ropes, or crossing deserts on horseback, or having babies. Those endeavors take chutzpah.

But if saying “yes” to doing things that scare you qualifies one as adventurous, then sure, fine. Continue reading “Saying Yes”



1. a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. “Mark and Jessica are about to be vagabonds.”

In just over a week, Mark and I will be moving out of our darling house on Waiheke Island and into Max, our home on wheels for the next 9ish weeks until our return to the States in March.

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That new New

I have exciting news, friends! In a few short months, Mark and I will wrap up our adventure in New Zealand and head home to the States whereupon we’ll be moving to…

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Playing Catch-up

Oh hey, look at that! I have a blog. A rather neglected blog. Let’s see if I can remedy the situation and bring you up to speed. Or at least closer to speed. 

We’re coming to the tail end of Spring and I couldn’t be happier that the sun is shining more, the days are getting longer, and the weather is warming up. Truth be told, Winter was really boring. It rained nearly every day, which was great for our water tank but not so great for getting outside and being active. We did our best to stay entertained and took advantage of every opportunity to get off the island and have some fun. Continue reading “Playing Catch-up”

Mixing Peace with Blood in the Gulf of Thailand

The world around me moves in weightless slow motion; the thick silence punctuated at rhythmic intervals by what can best be described as Darth Vader breathing down my neck. The sound emanates from a regulator feeding oxygen through a mouthpiece, its lifeline of rubber tubing attached to a steel tank strapped to my back. I guess that makes me Darth.

It’s a personal miracle that I’m nearly 50 feet below the ocean’s surface, calmly marveling at coral swaying with the current and fish going about their business, unperturbed by the routine intrusion of bipedal land mammals. Continue reading “Mixing Peace with Blood in the Gulf of Thailand”

Never Enough Chiang Mai

Looking back through pictures from Chiang Mai, I still can’t believe all we did in 4 short days. Here are a few more highlights…

Magha Puja Festival

This Buddhist holiday marks an astonishing event that occurred 10-months after the Buddha’s enlightenment.

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Oh, Chiang Mai

Everyone said I would love Thailand. People raved about it. They said the food is delicious and cheap, the people are supremely kind, and there’s a wide variety of things to do and see. Come to think of it I haven’t met a single person who has been to Thailand who was just “meh” about it.

Everyone was right. I absolutely loved it! Thailand might very well be my favorite country so far.  Continue reading “Oh, Chiang Mai”