Gaeta & Pompeii (not the Bastille song)

After Florence we wanted a little peace and quiet. Madison had been to Gaeta earlier in the summer and highly recommended we go, so we did.

Gaeta is a small town on the southwest coast of Italy, somewhere between Rome and Naples. We stayed at another awesome Airbnb. It was a big family house with a separate mother-in-law apartment for us. They had trees growing ha-yuge lemons, overflowing thyme and rosemeary bushes, and countless peppers. All of which we were encouraged to take. Continue reading “Gaeta & Pompeii (not the Bastille song)”

First Taste of Italy: Milan, Cinque Terre & Florence

Getting around Italy was surprisingly easy because of their extensive train network. We bought Eurail passes and put them to some serious use. I think we spent 40+ hours commuting on trains. And because we’re old, Eurail wouldn’t sell us the broke college student pass for 2nd class – we had to get the 1st class pass. I haven’t flown 1st class (yet) but riding in 1st class trains has ruined me for other train travel. It is plush! Big comfy seats, drink/snack service, free newspapers, no luggage restrictions, and you can get up to wander around. I actually prefer it to flying.

As I mentioned in my last post, we wound up spending 6 weeks in Italy, which allowed us to explore many different sides of this beautiful country: cities (Milan, Rome, Florence); seaside/island/lakefront  (Cinque Terre, Gaeta, Lake Como, Ischia); wine/farm (Faenza, San Gimignano, Siena),a couple I don’t know how to classify (Pompeiii & Venice), and day trips to Ravenna, Pisa, and Naples. Continue reading “First Taste of Italy: Milan, Cinque Terre & Florence”

Spain Wrap-up

After surviving the madness of La Tomatina, Madison, Mark, and I took a quick 35 minute flight from Valencia to the Ballearic island of Mallorca. My definition of heaven involves mountains covered in pine trees bordering water with a beach. It’s hard to get mountains, beach, and pine trees in one place but Mallorca delivers. Continue reading “Spain Wrap-up”