It’s All A Blur

There has been a long moment of silence on this little blog. Not because there isn’t anything to share, but because I have been … processing.

We arrived in New Zealand in mid-November and I finally had time to be still. To think about all the places I’ve been, the changes, the gains, and the losses.

Without a doubt 2015 was the most eventful year of my life. It all feels like a blur because I was in constant motion, moving from one major change, decision, and setting straight into the next. Most of which were self-driven. One definitely not, and though not wholly unexpected, was still completely shattering. Continue reading “It’s All A Blur”

Life on the Road: Halfway Point

It’s hard to believe but we’re about halfway through our trip already. We’ve been on the road for 7 weeks and have been to 7 countries (Iceland, England, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy), some for only a few days, and have about 7 weeks left. The first five-ish weeks of our trip were planned and booked before we left. Given how busy Europe is in the summer it seemed like the prudent thing to do. But we learned that moving from place-to-place that quickly was exhausting and scheduling so far in advance left little flexibility for travel plot twists. So we’re slowing things down and planning our next move a few days before we make it. Continue reading “Life on the Road: Halfway Point”

Life on Sabbatical 

Being unemployed/on sabbatical/retired early is the best thing ever! Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all Netflix binging (ok, there is some of that going on), napping (though I do indulge a few times a week), and golf (literally no golf at all). We’re still productive. In fact, we’ve been pretty busy since we stopped working at the end of June. Continue reading “Life on Sabbatical “

Taking a leap

At the end of July, Mark and I are adventuring all over Europe before making a move to New Zealand! Forrreaals.
There are 19 countries on our itinerary and we will spend 3.5 months (or until our money runs out) wandering through them. After which we’ll briefly return home before making the big move to New Zealand.
As is the modern custom, I will use this blog to document the sights, sounds, food (!) and activities we indulge in as we traipse around the globe.

Continue reading “Taking a leap”