Hello! We’re Mark and Jessica…

M&J Sintra We are a couple of active, easy going folks from Utah who love getting lost in foreign places, trying new foods, and working up a sweat.

Mark and I spent 3 months in the summer of 2015 wandering around Europe, managing to explore 11 countries in total. You can find links to posts about these experiences on the Whereabouts page.

After a very brief stopover in the States we skedaddled to New Zealand where we now live.

About Jessica

Snowshoeing with Lucy
Snowshoeing with Lucy

When I’m not dreaming of travel or adding things to my ever-expanding bucket list, I can be found with my nose in a book, on a trail (hiking, running, or snowshoeing), rock climbing, or spending time with my tribe. I have a freakish ability to remember people’s names and hate cooked spinach.

We have a dog named Lucy who’s at sleep-away camp with her aunt and uncle. I miss her. A lot.

About Mark


Mark is an avid traveler. He didn’t get on a plane until his junior year of college and made up for lost time, traveling to 24 countries before he turned 30! The wanderlust is strong in this one!

He speaks fluent Spanish, geeks out over Marvel movies, can blow fire, and chases adrenaline rushes. He’s also instantly good at anything he tries, whether it be snowboarding, golf, or learning languages.

Just don’t ask him to cartwheel. It’s the one thing he can’t do.

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