Camping & Tramping Around the South Island

This time last year while I was still building houses and Madison was still opening studios but both were on the brink of quitting and running away, we found an alignment in the stars where her globetrotting trajectory crossed with my relocation to the edge of the world.

I distinctly recall driving between jobsites and talking with Madison about what life will be like when. When we no longer have careers and regenerating to-do lists. When we have time to explore interests. And the flip side, when we no longer have regular incomes or structure and the sense of security they provide. Continue reading “Camping & Tramping Around the South Island”

Holidays in Waitomo

It’s the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere and I can’t quite get used to it being hot-as-balls in January. I keep forgetting what month it is. Perhaps its apropos since life sorta feels like a groundhog summer break.

Remember when you were a kid and out of school for the summer, how everyday felt the same and you’d lose track of what day it was? Is it Tuesday or Saturday? I have no idea. Let’s ride our bikes down to 7-11 for Slurpees!

Yep. That’s my life. And it kind of rocks. Except no Slurpees in New Zealand.

(My sincere apologies to everyone back home still digging themselves out from under Storm Jonas)

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