A Whole New World

Morocco was a trip. We entered via ferry from a port city at the southern tip of Spain called Algeciras into Tangier. Our original plan was to take a 3-1/2 hour bus from Tangier to Chefchaouen but decided to splurge on a $70 “grand taxi” that would take about 2 hours.


We arrived in the afternoon and got settled at the Riad before hitting the streets in search of food. We found a cafe recommended by the host and devoured plates of couscous covered with caramelized onions and golden raisins. Mark ordered a lemon chicken tagine, the first of many we’d consume over the next week but we didn’t know that yet. Madison and I nibbled at a Moroccan salad until Mark raised the question of whether it had been washed in clean water or tap water, the latter of which could make us sick. So we stopped eating it and spent the next 6 hours wondering if every tummy gurgle was the first sign of impending gastro-trouble. Luckily, no one got sick. Continue reading “A Whole New World”